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Ernesto Zamora Rojas

  • Spain
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About me

Ernesto Zamora Rojas, “erniejam”, flutist-pianist-composer. He was born in Guantanamo, Cuba, where he first started studying music at the Art Elementary School (Regino Eladio Boti); afterwards he continued with his education at the National Arts School (ENA), Havana, with classical and folk influences. He has collaborated with several artists within the Cuban cultural scene, among which is it worth pointing out: “EL KLAN”, by Carlos Manuel, in the record “Por la Vena el Gusto” (Timba-Fusion Style), signed to Ruby-Color; later on, he joins the pop band “BUENA FE”, releasing the record “Dejame Entrar”, produced by EGREM record company; then, he joins the band “DIACARA”, by the legendary Oscar Valdes... back to the salsa rythms with Manuel Dennis in the band “EL SWING”; he also collaborates with “VERDE-AMARILLO”, a funk-pop-rock band, together with Ernesto Bello, with whom he starts working on independent productions, such as “CAFE HABANO”, by the composer Lazara Galban, and “PALOSPALOS”, the last project he carries out in Cuba. Once in Europe, he goes on several tours with the band “COLAITO”, and decides to settle down in Spain, where he currently lives and continues with his work as an studio musician, making musical arrangements, producing, editing, etc. He collaborates with several musicians within the Alicante music scene, such as “MICHEL LOSTANLEN TRIO”, and works as a music teacher at the Lycee Français d'Alicante, in EUTERPEMUSIC school. Later on, he moves to Valladolid, where he holds the position of deputy director of the EUTERPEMUSIC school at the Lycee Français de Castilla y Leon (Valladolid); he also takes part in several music projects. At present, he lives in Salamanca and participates in several music proposals, among which it is worth mentioning “ERNIEJAM BAND”, which is part of an individual project that comprises different styles and formats.

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    Stolen Moments

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    These samples are strictly for educational and demonstration purposes only and are not for sale. Jamey Aebersold Jazz Play -A -Long "jazz flute" jazz flutist

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